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Adapanels available at MH2G


APS Series

PS Adapanel 100 Series wall panels showcasing a range of colors and textures, including the APS101 to APS106 designs, installed in a contemporary bedroom setting. PS Adapanel 200 Series decorative wall panels, displaying options APS201 to APS206 with detailed texture views, featured in a modern bathroom decor. Close-up selection of PS Adapanel 200 Series wall panels, demonstrating various wood grain finishes from APS207 to APS212, in a stylish bathtub environment. Elegant PS Adapanel 300 Series wall panel collection, including designs APS301 to APS306, complementing a chic living room setup with a leather sofa. Luxurious PS Adapanel 400 Series wall panels, offering sophisticated choices from APS401 to APS406, enhancing a modern living room with a designer lamp.

MDF Series

MDF Adapanel 200 Series wall panel variants, with models APM200 to APM205, showcased in a sleek dining room interior for a warm ambiance. MDF Adapanel 300 Series wall panels, displaying the APM300 to APM304 range, as part of an inviting living room with contemporary entertainment center. DMDF Adapanel 500 Series wall panel selection, featuring designs APM500 to APM505, in a cozy reading nook with rattan chair and soft lighting. MDF Adapanel 900 Series wall panels, presenting stylish curved patterns from APM900 to APM905, integrated into a minimalist TV lounge area.