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Modern Dining Tables

Gather your family and friends around your dining table for fine dining at it's best. If it's just a casual quiet meal for two, we also have right dining table for you. For our Dining Table selections, we have searched the world over and brought you the finest in modern and contemporary designs at the best value, all available for viewing at any one of our showrooms. We know you want to be comfortable whether you use the dining room everyday or only on special occasions, so let us help you make your dining room a stunning combination of Form and Function. Also shop our dining chairs and buffets to make your dining room a place that is both chic and functional. Remember that many of our dining table designs are our own and so you know that these are both original and made of the highest quality materials.

London Marble Top Dining Table  available as Special Order at MH2G Showrooms London Faux Marble Top Dining Table -
Price: $535.00
Summer Sale: $479.00
Davoli Modern  Dining Table Davoli Modern Expandable Dining Table
Price: $1,299.00
Summer Sale: $999.00
Treviso Modern Italian Dining Table Treviso Modern Italian Expandable Dining Table
Price: $1,387.00
Summer Sale: $1,099.00
Lugo Modern Dining Table in White Lugo Modern White Dining Table
Price: $1,735.00
Summer Sale: $1,099.00
Easy expansion allows the table to seat from 6-8 comfortably. The table features a linear metal frame, Clear tempered glass, and easy expanding sections at both ends. Ardore Modern Expandable Dining Table
Price: $1,375.00
Summer Sale: $1,129.00
Sanremo Square Modern Dining Table Sanremo Square Modern Dining Table
Price: $1,622.00
Summer Sale: $1,199.00
Martina Dining Table in Timber Tobacco Veneer with Cylindrical Bases Martina Modern Dining Table
Price: $1,899.00
Summer Sale: $1,299.00
Anjoli Expandable Modern Dining Table.White Ceramic top, dark grey powder coating frame and Pedestal. Anjoli Modern Expandable Ceramic Top Dining Table
Price: $1,899.00
Summer Sale: $1,529.00
Matesse dining table with tempered glass top and gold frame on dark oak base Matesse Ceramic Gold Expandable Dining Table
Price: $1,899.00
Summer Sale: $1,599.00
Amalfi Modern Square Dining Table Amalfi Square Modern Dining Table (Without Glass Top)
Price: $2,881.00
Summer Sale: $1,799.00
Amazona Railway Modern Dining Table Amazona Railway Modern Dining Table
Price: $3,999.00
Summer Sale: $2,299.00

Make a Statement with Your Dining Table

In the heart of a home, the dining room stands as a testament to warmth, unity, and shared memories. Your dining room table sets the tone for countless get-togethers, be it an intimate dinner or a grand celebration. Investing in a modern dining table is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space where stories unfold.

Whether it's a simple design with clean lines or a luxury dining room set that exudes opulence, the table you choose can significantly enhance the ambiance of your dining area. An elegant dining room set can become the focal point, making every meal feel like a special occasion. From quiet meals for two to festive family feasts, ensure you're dining in style. Let your table speak volumes about your taste, offering both function and a visual feast to all who dine there.

Find the Perfect Dining Table at MH2G

Embark on a journey of style and sophistication at Modern Home 2 Go. We present an extensive collection of dining room furniture sets that resonate with every kind of homeowner. Whether you're a minimalist seeking a sleek modern dining table set or someone who leans towards extravagance and wishes to indulge in luxurious dining room sets, MH2G has you covered.

Our curated range ensures that you don't just bring home furniture but a piece that binds the room and its memories together. With dining room sets on sale regularly, quality meets affordability, making sure style doesn't break the bank. At MH2G, we appreciate the magic that happens around a dining table, and with our unique designs, we aim to be a part of those beautiful moments.

Shop for Luxury Dining Room Sets

Fine dining isn't just about the food; it's also about the setting and the people attending. At Modern Home 2 Go, luxury is synonymous with unparalleled quality and stunning designs. Our luxury dining room sets promise to transform any dining space into an enclave of opulence. From the grandeur of detailed craftsmanship to the modern aesthetics of clean, uncluttered lines, our collection offers a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary style.

Handpicked to suit diverse tastes, our dining room furniture sets are more than just functional pieces; they're a statement, a testament to refined living. Couple them with our range of dining chairs and buffets, and watch your dining area metamorphose into a chic yet functional space to share experiences. Dive into our exclusive world of elegance, and let every meal be an affair to remember.