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Media Wall Units

We have organized our collection between Media Units that sit on the floor, mounted Wall Units and Freestanding Shelving to provide a variety of media and storage options. Sink in and get comfortable, relax and entertain in style. For our Living Room Collections we have searched all over the world to bring you the finest in Modern and Contemporary designs at unbelievable value.

Arzano Modern TV Unit in Walnut/White Arzano Modern TV Unit Walnut/White *
Price: $1,041.00
Holiday Sale: $699.00
Ultra-modern and contemporary TV Unit Sabri Modern TV Unit Walnut & White -*
Price: $1,053.00
Holiday Sale: $739.00
Vinci Modern TV Unit  Sintered Stone Vinci Modern TV Unit Sintered Stone -
Price: $999.00
Holiday Sale: $799.00
Treviso Modern Italian TV Unit Treviso Modern Italian TV Unit Grey/White
Price: $1,299.00
Holiday Sale: $949.00
Veroli Modern TV Unit in White Veroli Modern TV Unit -*
Price: $1,516.00
Holiday Sale: $999.00
Lucano Modern TV Unit in Grey Lacquer with white glass Lucano Modern LED TV Unit in White
Price: $1,822.00
Holiday Sale: $999.00
Lunata Modern TV Unit Taupe Lunata Modern TV Unit Taupe -
Price: $1,569.00
Holiday Sale: $1,199.00
Julio Bookshelf Anthracite wood and  Bronze Mirror Julio Bookshelf Anthracite wood and Bronze Mirror
Price: $1,599.00
Holiday Sale: $799.00
Corsica Modern Cabinet in White Lacquer Corsica Modern 4 Drawer TV Cabinet White
Price: $1,175.00
Holiday Sale: $799.00
Citra Modern Cabinet in White Lacquer Citra Modern TV Cabinet White
Price: $1,764.00
Holiday Sale: $899.00
Lugo Modern Drawer Chest in White Lacquer Lugo Modern 5 Drawer Tall TV Cabinet in White
Price: $1,411.00
Holiday Sale: $799.00

Showcase Your TV with Modern Media Consoles and TV Stands

A television, while serving as a portal to our favorite shows, movies, and more, also doubles as a key focal point for sharing our living spaces with family and friends. At Modern Home 2 Go, we believe that your TV deserves a setting that complements its importance. Our exquisite range of modern TV consoles offers a blend of design and durability, ensuring your television sits gracefully in its dedicated space.

If you're limited on space or looking for a neat setup, our adjustable TV unit designs utilize every inch effectively, bringing elegance to even the coziest of corners. Each TV stand unit in our collection resonates with modern aesthetics and is crafted keeping the diverse needs of our clientele in mind. Embrace a merger of style and substance as you elevate your entertainment experience with our unparalleled selections.

Modern TV Wall Units: Combine Functionality and Style

As the entertainment hub of your home, a TV wall unit should be both stylish and functional. Modern Home 2 Go has meticulously curated a range of modern TV wall units that beautifully balance both these aspects. Our TV wall unit's modern designs not only cater to your aesthetic preferences but also provide ample storage and display options.

The wall unit for our TV collections includes both mounted wall units and freestanding as well as shelving. All this to ensure that every homeowner finds the perfect fit for their living room, irrespective of its size or design theme. Whether you're looking for a TV stand or wall unit that seamlessly blends with your existing decor or are seeking a statement piece that stands out, our collection promises something for everyone. Dive into our assortment, handpicked from across the globe, and bring home a combination of international flair and unmatched functionality.