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Modern Interior Design Services

Working with you in our store, our design team can provide a unique expression for your home, producing a customized interior solution. Connect with us via our Design Chat, Video Chat or WhatsApp. Design Service Inquiry: (305) 599-0341

Discover the Luxury of Our Full-Service Interior Design Services

Imagining an interior that reflects your personality, aspirations, and lifestyle is one thing. Bringing that vision to life is another. At Modern Home 2 Go, we simplify this process with our full-service interior design. Spearheaded by the internationally acclaimed interior designer Julissa De Los Santos, ASID, and our expert design team, our approach seeks to democratize luxury.

Gone are the days when top-tier interior design was only for the elite. We offer turnkey solutions that are not just creative but also affordable, ensuring that your home radiates a unique style that's authentically yours. And for those who find in-person visits challenging, our interior design service online ensures that you experience our signature luxury from the comfort of your home. Dive into a world where luxury meets affordability.

Benefits of Our Interior Design Service

At Modern Home 2 Go, we believe that every home should echo the story of its inhabitants. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

Affordable Excellence: We've debunked the myth that top-notch design comes with a hefty price tag. Our affordable interior design service ensures that you get premium quality without the premium cost.

Customized Solutions: With the plethora of MH2G products at our disposal, our team crafts solutions tailored just for you. There are no cookie-cutter designs, only unique expressions for every individual taste and preference.

Seamless Process: From concept to completion, our full-service interior design manages everything, ensuring a hassle-free transformation of your space.

Your home is an extension of you. Let it speak volumes about your unique style and taste without burning a hole in your pocket.

Contact Us for Any Room Design

Transforming a space from the ordinary to extraordinary requires a touch of expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. At Modern Home 2 Go, we're poised to bring these qualities to your home with our premier interior design service. Whether it's a single room refresh or an entire home makeover, our full-service interior design covers all aspects, ensuring a seamless transformation that aligns with your vision.

Initiating the design journey is simple. Reach out to us with your inquiries, and once we have your completed questionnaire, our dedicated team will dive deep into crafting a tailor-made solution for your space. With recommended MH2G furniture selections, ideal floor layouts, harmonious color schemes, curated window treatments, and the perfect blend of accessories and art, we ensure that your home radiates style and sophistication.