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Relax, sink in, get comfortable and entertain in style. For our Living Room selection we have searched all over the world to bring you the finest in modern and Contemporary designs at the best value. By day our sofa beds are upright, comfy sofas but when night comes around, voilĂ  stylish Full or Queen size beds. The question you have to ask yourself is how comfortable do you want your guests to be when sleeping on the sofa bed? Our competitors use cheaper materials and construction so the bed is not so comfortable over several nights. We are sure that your guests will wake up refreshed from a good nights sleep, the only problem is, maybe they will not want to go home!

Cassius Modern Sofa Bed in White Leatherette Cassius Modern Sofa Bed in Grey Leatherette
Crescent Deluxe Excess Sofa Stainless Steel Grey
Cassius Modern Sofa Bed in White Leatherette Modern Dual Sofa W/Arms Chrome Legs 55x79 Modern Grand D.E.L Sofa Dark Wood Mixed Dance Natural